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Dynamic Pages

Design one page layout and create unlimited pages—each with their own content, URL and SEO.

Site Monitoring

Integrate with a third-party logging system to view and track application logs and errors.

Import & Export Data

Import content from a CSV file into a database collection and display it on site pages. You can also export collection data to use elsewhere.

Node.js Server

Securely run your backend code and schedule tasks using the dedicated Node.js server.

Database APIs

Use data APIs in your sites’ front-end or backend code to manage and organize data.

Database Joins

Add complex data to your site using reference-based filters to build master-detail layouts.


Collect and store content in databases that can be displayed anywhere on your sites.

User Input & Custom Forms

Build custom forms with writeable elements that submit info into a database.

Built-in IDE

Make coding more productive using the built-in IDE, equipped with syntax highlighting, code completion and more.

Web Modules

Automate client to server interactions, so you can focus on your logic—not on the HTTP protocol and URLs.

Element APIs

Take control of page element behaviors using APIs—from page backgrounds and buttons to repeaters and slideshows.

Custom Interactions

Create unique user interactions by triggering events when visitors perform specific actions.

HTTP Functions

Write serverless functions to expose the functionality of your site as an API.

Npm Packages

Bring complex functionality to your site with packages from the world’s largest software registry.

Release Manager

Create a release candidate to test a new version of your application and gradually roll out to a controlled percentage of users.

External Data Collections

Add databases or services as virtual collections and use the data in your application.


Use routers to display data on a dynamic page with content from any source.

Editor X

The rest is up to you.

Dev features.

Add your own custom code and build content-rich sites.

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