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Designed assets & media.


Transform your creations with captivating visuals.

Designed Assets & Media

Design & Layouting

Interactions & Effects

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A collage of compositions with various designed sections, layouts and images.
 A collage of compositions with various designed sections, layouts and images.


Fuel your creativity with Editor X’s wide range of designer-made sections, boxes and wireframes with built-in responsive behavior. 

Typographic image of the words, vector art, in white
Graphic image of a planet
Graphic image of a bird
Graphic image of a lightning bolt
Graphic image of a deck of cards
Graphic image of a hand showing the sign of the horns
Graphic image of an eye
Graphic image of a tiger
Graphic image of a flower

Vector art

Browse through thousands of vector illustrations, shapes and icons—or upload your own custom SVG files. 

Image of a home speaker with the focal point tool opened and the action bar above it.
Image of a home speaker with the focal point tool opened and the action bar above it.

Focal point

Set the exact point on an image or video you want the focus to be on at every viewport.

image of a background grid

Transparent video

Explore a selection of curated videos made with exclusive technology to create captivating 3D effects. You can also upload your own transparent videos that have been exported with an Alpha channel. 


Use VideoBox to display videos with creative frames and graphic overlays. You can design the shape and border of a VideoBox, add an overlay pattern and customize the play button to fit the site’s design.    

A grid of multiple abstract images. The filter by category drop down menu is open and Abstract is selected.
Text and a series of 4 drop down menu icons aligned horizontally.
A textual list of categories.

Curated images

Choose from thousands of professionally curated images to create powerful web visuals. 

More compositions & media features:

A collage of blank squares and rectangles over a grey background.

Pro gallery

Showcase images and videos in the highest quality with fully customizable galleries in a range of layouts.

Image of a scale bar icon and grey square over a white background.

Photo studio

Edit and enhance the source of any image, directly from the canvas. Remove and replace the background, control the sharpness, crop, adjust and add filters.

And this is only a fraction of what’s possible.

Explore more advanced capabilities to build, manage and launch powerful sites on Editor X. 

Collaboration suite.

Streamline your workflow and optimize team collaboration with advanced roles & permissions, team accounts, shareable design libraries and more.


Build advanced web applications using custom JavaScript and APIs on Velo—a built-in open development platform.

Code-free CMS.

Use data collections to seamlessly manage dynamic content behind the scenes of a site without even touching the design. 

Marketing & SEO.

Use advanced marketing integrations to measure online campaigns, drive traffic and collect valuable visitor information.

Business Solutions.

Answer any business needs with robust eCommerce tools from powerful online stores, to subscriptions and booking systems. 

resize handle
resize handle

Editor X

The rest is up to you.

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